martes, 8 de mayo de 2007

La promesa de una paz duradera

Berthie Ahern, Primer Ministro de Irlanda, sostiene en este artículo publicado en El País que Irlanda del Norte ha pasado de ser sinónimo de violencia a escenario de uno de los procesos de paz más exitosos del mundo:

The promise of a standing peace in Northern Ireland

Berthie Ahern, Irish Prime Minister

With the new appointed autonomous Government in Northern Ireland we can see the realisation of hopes offered by the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. During these nine years, all partners have been able to overpass the lack of confidence between two communities separated by many years of violence and enmity. Since then we have seen a cease-fire, dismantling of IRA’s weapons, an enormous police reform, the vanishing of the conflict infrastructure. Both the British and the Irish governments have worked together to reach this point, where every party from every tradition are full committed and ready to share the Government.Prime Minister Ahern also acknowledges the enormously positive role played by Europe, helping to achieve peace and progress in Ireland. He describes the European Union as the most important mechanism to solve conflicts in History, promoting an essential context for Northern Ireland with room enough for both communities and their leaders to imagine new solutions and new futures. Now, the governments, the international community, business leaders, community groupings, churches, voters, … All of them, together, have changed the former political context to reach the only legitimated space: a shared one, peaceful and democratic. Finally, the Irish Government has also acknowledged the support received from the European and other international partners. In this sense, it commits itself to support the efforts made by the international community to cope with conflicts in other parts of the world, achieving fair and peaceful solutions. The AEBR welcome the new Northern Irish Government, wish all the success, and hopes to see many other walls to tumble down.

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