viernes, 3 de octubre de 2008

Shargan The Eight, the last narrow gauge track in Europe

This link has being sent to me by Mr. Zdravko Zivkovic, who works at the Executive Council of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. This video, shot by himself and very cross-border oriented, shows another effort to recover European heritage:

Mr. Zdravko Zivkovic informs that the last narrow gauge tracks in Europe, built in the year of 1925, connecting Belgrade, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik for half of the last century, is re-opened again. This time only for tourists that have an opportunity to go back in the history, feel the passing times, hear the unforgettable sounds of the iron wheels on the old narrow tracks of 760 millimeters, pass the 22 tunnels and 5 bridges on the most attractive 10 miles section, climb up to the three rocky mountains seeing beautiful landscape from top of them, go down to the valley again, all that in the original passenger coaches made in Germany in the year of 1923 all of solid wood.

The name of the train: Shargan The Eight is because the tracks are built in the shape of digit 8 to climb to the top of the mountain!

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