domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

The Living Planet Index, the Ecological Footprint and the Human Development Index

The Living Planet Index is an indicator of the state of global biological diversity, based on trends in vertebrate populations of species from around the world.

The LPI provides the general public, scientists and policy-makers with information on trends in the abundance of the world’s vertebrates and offers insights into which habitats or ecosystems have species that are declining most rapidly. This information can be used to define the impact humans are having on the planet and for guiding actions to address biodiversity loss.

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The Ecological Footprint measures humanity's demand on nature. For more Ecological Footprint data and to learn how it is calculated, visit:

The Human Development Index (HDI), developed by the UN Development Programme, compares countries on their citizens' achievement of long lives, literacy, and income. An HDI of 0.8 is considered to be the threshold for high human development. For more information on the HDI, visit:

The Human Development Report 2007:

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